Book Cover - The Unseen - final


Excerpt from The Unseen – “The universe is a living, breathing, loving, giving organism seeking its like-minded, like-conscious counterpart. Those willing to step into and become a part of its awareness will experience life as it was always meant to be”.

The Unseen is a book about how we can make our lives appear the way we truly want it to be. It goes further than the law of attraction, which forms a fundamental part of universal understanding, however, the law of attraction plays purely the role of communications tool.

Books - The UnseenWhat’s missing in the understandings shared by books like The Secret, is where the energy of thoughts and feelings go to and how this is translated into physical reality. The Unseen continues to describe, through it 12 lessons, which level of thoughts have impact in the universe (not all thoughts have effect), what our wealth potential is and how to improve that, what the state of our homes reflect energetically and much more.

The Unseen is a dynamic field  and is one of great importance. The Unseen book brings science and spirituality together to demystify universal truths and debunk the idea that life as we see it, is the only reality.

The Unseen is the debut non-fiction book from Moriam S. Balogun. Moriam has written hundred of articles about law of attraction, spirituality and human consciousness.

amazon-logo_transparentThe Unseen  – How Positive Thoughts and Feelings Define Potential and impacts your Reality – is available  via amazon in paperback  for the regular price of ($11.99) and as Kindle ebook ($4.99) and will  be available in other stores across the world from mid May, 2016.


“I’m impressed how this book is written. Its not the same as other metaphysics books. It really gets you to understand, with examples what is going and how we can be a part  of it – Hans ter Laan, Bussum, NL

“Very insightful book. Which I’ll read again!” – Shirly Green, London, UK

“A clear way to explain something complicated. I really like how the book is split into sections and the tools that are given” – Dennis Parcher, Ipswich, UK

“It all makes so much sense now. I’d read The Secret and loved it, but this is something different. New, informative and to the point” – Kristin Jane Davids, Oakland, US